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Use of macros to start a run in Chemstations based on time?

Question asked by a.vas on Jun 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by a.vas

Hi GC users,


We just installed a new 8890 and a new version of Chemstations along with it. While most of the interface is the same as the old version, some things have been updated. One thing we use to use a lot was the Chemstations Scheduler (now Command Scheduler). We sample from a gas stream through the sampling loop of the GC and the scheduler was a convenient way of starting the method at certain times throughout the day.


With the new software, it doesn't seem to like this scheduler very much. It will run the first command (RunMethod or StartMethod) but then refuse to run it a second time. On the second instance, it prompts that it will overwrite existing data, despite the signal including a unique identifier (time). However, it will run the second time if you inspect (but not change) the sample info before the run. So this seems very weird and annoying if we have to prompt the software before each run.


Agilent says it might be a bug in the software, so might be a bit of a wait for a fix. Alternatively, is there a way that we could run samples (based on a start time) using a macro from the command line?