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Creating a calibration in openlab cds 2.4

Question asked by jenileehaddon on Jun 12, 2020
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I am new to openlab cds 2.4. We are trying to create a calibration using an internal standard of toluene. Do you create an injection list and clear calibration in the injection list and reprocess all your runs? See my pictures for what we are doing. Any input is appreciated. It seems that when we reprocess the runs, the calibration works but if go back and reprocess a single run from the calibration using the saved method, the "as lefts" are different from what we were getting in the original processing.


Also, is there any way to review your calibration with just the processing method open? In ezchrom, you could open the method and click review calibration on the side panel and the curves and areas would be there. In cds 2.4, I can only see my calibration curve when I have a data file open and method linked to it.


Thank you!