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7890 Thermal AUX component configuration problems

Question asked by katrina.visceglia on Jun 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by katrina.visceglia

Instrument: 7890 GC modified for gas injection with a 10-port valco valve. It's dual SS inlet, dual detector FID/TCD. 

I have installed some components into the AUX bracket, two heating components into AUX 1 and AUX 2, and a valve actuator in V1. Valve actuator is working beautifully.


Problem: Initially I was able to configure the heating elements and get them to appear in Chemstation Method setup, but the allowable temperature range was 0>C>0. Tried removing them and re-configuring them, HOWEVER this is where the problems started. I can go to Thermal Aux 1 on the configure screen, under "Unconfigured" is the list of available components, A1 is listed as recognized with a reading. When I select "Mode/Type" to configure ThermAux1. A1 is not listed as a selectable option. Same problem with A2 position on the AUX bracket, and the ThermAUX 2 and 3 options on the GC interface.


I've unplugged, and restarted, and redone everything in every possible combination. The valve actuator in V1 on the AUX bracket still works, the GC recognizes A1 and A2 have something plugged in, but I can't select them for configuration.


Has anyone else encountered this? Do I need to do a hardware reset, what adverse effects might that have?