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Kepone on the Restek Rtx-1701 Colum

Question asked by rickcopeland648 on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by rickcopeland648

Once again, I'm comming to the Agilent community for help. I am (slowly) working on a pesticide method for our 7890B. The reason it's going so slowly is that I'm having a very hard time locating Kepone on our rear (confirmation) colum. I am running a 0.20 ppm standard (which will be our check standard concentration) on a Restek Rtx-1701 column. This column has a maximum temperature of 280 C. My oven is programmesd to start at 80C for a one minute hold. It then ramps up to 280 C at 17 C/ minute. A 15 minute hold then results in a 27.765 minute run time. The carrier gas flow through the column is 2.2608 mL/ min. The resulting cromatogram make it impossible to discern the Kepone. The only info I can find requires an oven temperature of 340 C, a higher limit that my Rtx-1701 can handle. Does anybody in the Agilent community have a response? HAAAAAALP!


If you'd like I can attach a chromatogram. I have a 0.20 ppm, 1.00 ppm, and a 10.00 ppm I add.