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Deconvolution in reports

Question asked by ravn666 on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by wydnaa

I would like to have Chemstation automatically generate reports for my LC-MS runs including UV and MS chromatograms, MS-spectra of peaks including deconvolution, and integration results of the UV chromatogram. And I simply cannot find an option that includes all.

When I use the LC-MS report style in "Classical reporting" I can get it to automatically show MS-spectra of all integrated peaks of the TIC-chromatogram and also a deconvolution of each. Very nice.

BUT: for some reason it shows the integrated UV-chromatogram, but does not include a list of peaks with rt, area, %ares etc - like it does for example using the "Short" report style. Is it possible to include this in the LC-MS report?


I have also tried the Intelligent Report templates. Here I can get a reasonable report layout with chromatograms and list of peaks. But I'm struggling to show an MS-spectrum for each peak in a nice way, and I cannot find any option to also include a deconvolution of the spectra. Is this possible?