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How can I import a table and sum it up in Agilent Report Builder

Question asked by candy on Jun 8, 2020

I am using Unknown Analysis to screen a oil sample. I do not have standard compound for calibration of course, I want to sum certain group of compounds. I try to use the sample to create method in Quantitative Analysis, I am able to assign compound group for them. I understand in Quantitative Analysis would be able to sum if using compound Maths, however that is not an option for me as I am unable to build calibration curve.


After screening from the library in Unknown Analysis, there will be list of compound that match the Unknown Analysis parameter and I was try to sum pyrazine group. I import Quantitative Analysis method into Unknown Analysis, the column show their compound group, but I do not know how to sum them.


I then switch to Report builder, where I think I could build up a report for our customer. I am able to use python to do simple calculation e.g. BoundItems ?? - BoundItems?? or "x" if BoundItems?? == "x" ...etc, however, while the table exceute, it run through the data binding and finish for a row, and then run again until finish scanning the peak, and finally the whole table display on the report.


If I have to sum a group, it will need to have a "list" for the function sum(list), and the "list" would be the whole table. 


How can I define the table and import into the next table as a list using python? I have attached  a word document and hopefully my question is clear enough.


Thank you in advance!