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Processing Method in sequence is giving a different result than if I process the data in data analysis.

Question asked by erbocook on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by martin.adams


I am currently in the middle of a method validation using UHPLC/UV with OpenLab software. I have an acquisition method and processing method all set up to quant 2 analytes. I have been running curve and control sets with no processing method in the sequence, then just opening Data Analysis to process my samples and print reports. No problems there. 


To make the process easier for other technicians, I want to put the processing method into the sequence so the reports will generate automatically. I did this (putting the processing method in the first line of the sequence - filling down) and got a report for each injection. However, I then loaded that same result set into Data Analysis and reprocessed with the same processing method, generating new reports, which have different concentration results. So now I have two sets of reports with different concentration values for the exact same injection. 


Is there any kind of software explanation for this? Am I entering the processing method into the sequence incorrectly? What could have happened that would lead to the result values changing?


Thank you for any help!