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MassHunter Env_CC_Avg_RTDiff Report

Question asked by sharpless on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by sharpless


I'm using MassHunter 10.0 Quant (GC) for PCB analysis. But somehow, the new Quant method I set up generated this Env_CC_Avg_RTDiff Report with level sorted in descending order (the right side version injected in 2020). The other picture I attached the method concentration level section - when I opened the method, this is the default view showing level in ascending order. But I guess this doesn't matter, since my report is still in descending order...


But the original method I set up for old data is generating in ascending order (the left side version injected in 2018). (I had to set up a whole new method since we are changing quite a few things in 2020.)


Could you please help me fix this sorting order? The PCB Env_InitialCal Report is in ascending order, and only this PCB Env_CC isn't. And I don't have an issues with any other MassHunter (MS) batches either...


Thanks a lot!