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Can I reject paramater values/results so that they do not show up in a CSV file i.e. I have paramters I cannot accept due to QC fails,don't want results to import into our LIMS

Question asked by kieronbreagy on May 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by tmcsweeney
I'm just wondering is there away to 'Blank'/'Reject' a number of cells for which we do not want to accept data for.
For example (see attached), in a scenario where we have a few batches of samples, but the QC for a particular element (we'll say Aluminium for example) fails during the first batch, is there a way to reject the Aluminium results for those samples only? i.e. rejecting values from a portion of the column?
I know that we can 'expand/show additional columns' and show replicates, and that rejecting all replicates will result in overall result cell being blanked/rejected, so that when exported via CSV the cell is empty (this is our end goal for results we cannot accept). But I'm wondering is there an easier way to do this/ shortcut?? Thanks.