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Amount calculation of unknown compounds with calibration curve factor. Reporting the results of multiple injections with intellegent reporting template. OpenLab version C.01.06

Question asked by mr.hbar on May 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by martin.adams

Dear all

we are working with OpenLab ChemStation, Version C.01.06. We are trying to present the results of unknown compounds using intelligent report template. Statistical calculations (average, (rel) standard deviation etc.) should be done from multiple sample injections / preparations.

The compound amount should be calculated using calibration curve factor(s) of reference compound(s) which is determined by multi level calibration.


  1. Should the unknown compound be added into the calibration table for the correct peak identification ?
  2. How can we link the unknown peak to the response factor of ref- compound for calculating the amount ?

As more than one reference compound are available in the calibration table, the response factor is to be correctly linked to the individual peaks.


Any support and ideas for other approaches to solve the problem are appreciated.


Thank you and best regards