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G1956A Error: Difficult with ion optics electronics errors: 0200 0300 03001  0209 0800 0801

Question asked by chemo_bee on May 21, 2020
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Hello everyone!
We have a Lc MSD VL G1956A single quad. In the past, at some point we had problems with the acquisition of MS. We had lost the MSd signal.
Now it's worse. It is impossible to make acquisitions with MS.


The equipment is under maintenance. And we have been told that they can be two pieces of electronics (Agilent Support). One of them unfortunately no longer exists.


We suspect that it is a communication error. Use chemstation. Or it could be due to the hardware conditions of the equipment (not electronic).
We have vented and restarted the MS module. The result has been the same.
I would appreciate any new idea.

I sent two typical error (march (sometimes fail), and now)



thanks in advances