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Question asked by jerome74 on May 20, 2020
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I am working on a GC 7890B. We perform one analysis per week. We are used to cutting off hydrogen and compressed air once the analysis is complete. The GC remains all week with the carrier gas flow rate, the make-up and the split adjusted with the parameters of the analysis. The internal economy system is activated for information. We also leave the temperatures on the injector, the oven and the detector. I would like to modify my working document by respecting the following steps:

Turn off the hydrogen and compressed air.

Lower the temperatures to 35 ° C.

Cut the split and make-up.

Reduce the carrier gas flow to 1mL / min.

Is this one-way procedural change or internal gas-saving system sufficient?

Is it useful to cut the split? For me, it is a portion of the carrier gas which is removed from the column during the analyzes. I don't realize if it's a gas flow or not. For example, if the equipment does not work, the column has been dismantled and the carrier gas is at 0mL / min. If we leave a split flow at 30, is there gas consumption?

Thanks for your help