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When and  how many internal standards should use for GC MS?

Question asked by rizwan on May 21, 2020
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Dear Researchers

I am Rizwan (Ph.D. scholar), researching the area of Fruit biochemistry and post-harvest preservation,
As i am new in the field of GC MS, (as i want to do the experiment about the cuticle wax chemical composition and concentration), I would like to ask some questions about GC MS as i am in it:
1- What criteria should keep in mind while selecting an Internal standard?
2-How many minimum or maximum internal standards should use? Should be only one concentration or use at different concentrations?
3-As i will do an experiment about the cuticle wax chemical composition and concentration of fruit surface so as i have read the articles and they mentioned n-tetracosane, so only one IS is enough or should i use C7 - C40 Saturated Alkanes Standard for the waxy compounds?
I shall be very thankful to you for this kindness
Looking forward to hearing from you