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How to exclude a single point for a single analyte in a multi-analyte calibration series?

Question asked by jdarwin on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on May 18, 2020 by martin.adams


We've recently purchased a new Agilent GC-MS system running OpenLab CDS Version 2.4 (Build and are in the process of transferring our existing methods from our older Chemstation systems.


One of our methods is reasonably complex and contains 18 analytes and 3 internal standards over a calibration range of 11 different concentration standards. 


During Data Analysis I've encountered a problem where for one of the analytes I wish to exclude the top point from the calibration curve as it isn't linear. 


I understand that disabling individual calibration points only affects the calibration curve of the single injection. I want a way to apply it globally to the processing method which I can then use to process my sample data.


I found the following thread:

Calibration in OpenLab DA 

Which explains how to exclude a point universally by setting the sample type of the affected cal point from Cal. Std. to Sample, changing the Run Type of the first Cal. Std. in the injection list to "Clear all calibration" then reprocessing.


The issue with this, is that it excludes the top calibration point of the other 17 analytes too.


Is there no way of disabling an individual calibration point for a single analyte in a multi-analyte method then applying it globally to process acquired sample data?