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Split Vent tubing to splt vent filter

Question asked by topsoe-lak on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by james_jenkins

Hello Agilent,

I’ve been thinking about using a 1/8 inch. PTFE tubing instead of 1/8 inch. copper tubing to connect the split vent socket and the split vent filter on an Agilent S/SL injection port. PTFE tubing are transparent. I think I will thus be able to quickly spot particles and deposits visually through the tubing close to the split vent socket.

Would you think a PTFE tubing could be used? Or will hydrogen or helium diffuse through the PTFE material, disrupting proper split vent gas flows and inlet pressures at the S/SL injection port? I don`t think high temperatures at the S/SL port would be able to degrade the PTFE tubing close to the split vent socket.


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