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Average of four injection of each conc. on calibration curve

Question asked by mkaila on May 7, 2020
Latest reply on May 8, 2020 by ryoboyle

I am preparing calibration curve using ChemStation edition i.e. Rev.C.01.07SR3[465] OpenLAB CDS on 1290 Infinity II HPLC. I have eight different concentration and I inject each conc. 4times i.e. four injection of each conc.

now my question is: while preparing calibration curve using ChemStation, how can I first select all four injection of each conc., second take average of four injection of each conc. and finally plot average  on calibration curve? I know there is an average option in ChemStation but it will take average of two injection of each concentration. I don't want to go for excel option as it is not acceptable in our lab. 


Thank you