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How to Restore the Inlet Mode Options on a Method in EZChrom

Question asked by jsharun on Apr 24, 2020
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I accidentally clicked on and dragged the Inlet mode option from a method off screen and I cannot restore that options back to the Inlet setting tab. The method runs correctly, but I can no longer see and alter the inlet split options. If I load different a different method on the instrument the inlet options are also not available.


However, when I open the instrument and any method on a different PC all the method options are available to me. It seems like the it is some sort of preference saved locally to the PC.  I also had a colleague try opening the same instrument and method on my PC and she had no problems seeing the Split option section. I took a screen shot of the option tab on one PC and also one on the PC where the option no longer exists.


Any tips or help on how to restore the Split Options Tab


We are running Openlab CDS EZChrom

Version A.04.08   Build 04.08.23