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Gen_Calibration.template.xml Modification

Question asked by sharpless on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by sharpless

I'm using MassHunter Quant 10.0, and also ReportBuilder 10.


How could I sort those target compounds by compound name in this template, not default RT? Shown on the picture of my report, although RT isn't shown up but I believe that's the sorting order.


I checked this report with ReportBuilder, and looks like it was sorted by sample acquisition time, ascending. This is what I do need. But I want a second order of sorting compounds by compound name instead of RT. What I did is as shown on second picture:

In the databidings cmp section, I added a "CompoundName(Ascending)" in orders section. But this doesn't give me what I want.

I also added another filter (AND<CompoundName>=<Compound.CompoundName>), in the filters section above orders. I thought this might bind cmpd names although i'm not sure. But still didn't work.


So how can I sort by cmpd names, and also keep that Sample Acquisition order?