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Why it does not save as a variable an expression comes out of multipliers and dilutors solution

Question asked by sterlingpharma on Apr 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by ryoboyle

I am putting the the expression in a value as follows:


val(choose(1,split(First(Sample_Multipliers),";"))) *

val(choose(2,split(First(Sample_Multipliers),";"))) *

val(choose(3,split(First(Sample_Multipliers),";"))) *

val(choose(4,split(First(Sample_Multipliers),";"))) *


) / (

val(choose(1,split(First(Sample_DilutionFactors),";"))) *

val(choose(2,split(First(Sample_DilutionFactors),";"))) *

val(choose(3,split(First(Sample_DilutionFactors),";"))) *

val(choose(4,split(First(Sample_DilutionFactors),";"))) *




When i want to save it as an expression it saves it but does not show it?


Can any body help please!