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How to reprocess single quad GCMS data in MSD Chemstation

Question asked by petertran on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by petertran

Hi Community,


I'm currently using MSD Chemstation F.01.01.2317 to process my single quad GCMS data (from a 5977B MS). The problem I'm facing is when the method integration events do not integrate my peaks properly I always have to access View --> QEdit Quant Result to manually draw a new baseline for every single peak. I've tried to adjust integration events and could be able to achieve great integrations, however, whenever I select Quantitate --> Calculate the report always shows back the old quantitation results (those with incorrect integrations). Is this something hard coded in MSD Chemstation ? Any ways to make the method apply the new integration events when reprocess a data ?


Another issue is also related to data reprocessing. Sometimes the report suddenly showed "%" instead of "ppm" even the method has been set up to use "ppm". When acquiring a new data the unit will go back to normal as "ppm".


Any insight or tips would be highly appreciated.