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Chemstation not auto-showing manual integrations

Question asked by aaarndt on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by aaarndt

I'm trying to re-integrate some chromatograms but when I go into a run that I have already integrated, none of my integrations show up until I hit the "integration" icon, despite having the "manual save" icon next to the file at the top.  I'm ok doing this for some runs, but I have one with over 30 sample injections and it's taking me double time time to work up the data.  So, I decided to try and re-integrate some of the chromatograms when they show up un-integrated and I get the notification seen in the first attachment.  The second attachment is just loading the chromatogram, and hitting the integrate icon. This started last week, and I can't figure out if I hit a setting (I've tried everything). Please let me know if any clarification is needed.  I am using v B.04.03.SP1 (87).