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Openlab Ezchrom Edition ASCII Sequence

Question asked by gccidt on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by gccidt

The help docs only mention a few different options for the Run Type column.  Is this all there is? There are more options that I can choose than are mentioned in the help docs. 

I want to open ASCII sequences in the software to run them, but I can't select the run type I want.  

This is also my first question and I couldn't seem to find my answer in the other questions already asked.  


The run type help doc instructions:

Run Types
Decimal Hex Name
4 0x0000004 UnSpiked

8 0x0000008 Spiked

16 0x0000010 Spike 1 of 2

32 0x0000020 Spike 2 of 2

64 0x0000040 Duplicate 1

128 0x0000080 Duplicate 2

256 0x0000100 System Suit Start

512 0x0000200 System Suit End

1024 0x0000400 System Suit Std.

2048 0x0000800 Shutdown

4096 0x0001000 Begin Calibration

8192 0x0002000 End Calibration

16384 0x0004000 QC Standard

32768 0x0008000 Summary Start

65536 0x0010000 Summary End

131072 0x0020000 Summary Run

262144 0x0040000 Clear All Response Factors

524288 0x0080000 Clear Response Factors for this Level

1048576 0x0100000 Print Response Factors

2097152 0x0200000 Average Replicates

4194304 0x0400000 Clear Replicates

8388608 0x0800000 Begin Loop

16777216 0x1000000 End Loop




These are not all the ones that I can manually choose, but I would like to take the manual element out of it for this step.  I guess a follow up question could be:

   Is there a way to import a sequence another way that would let me alter the run type?


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