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Compatibility of older OpenLab installations with newer license

Question asked by tjlene on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by tjlene

I want to do a trial installation of OpenLab 2.4 on a virtual server, add one AIC to it and attach one or two instruments to said AIC.  This to document the installation process and test out the software installation and its procedure.  My production system is OLCDS 2.2 with four AICs and Agilent GCs and LCs all new enough to run on both installations.  No MS. 

Here are the steps I think I should do for this test:

The new server, AIC and instruments will need to be in a different IP range than production.  Check that, and they will be on a different virtual network as well.  The two systems will not be able to see the other.

The new server will need to point to a different instance of Content Manager.  That should be manageable also.

But, then there's the licensure.  Subscribenet reads as though I will never get 2.4 to install until I convert my 2.2 licenses to 2.4.  But at that point, will my production system freeze up or what?  Generally, how does test a new version without taking the old system to its knees?  I have been going through the 2.4 .iso plus various .zip files but cannot figure out how to do this.  Are licenses backwards-compatible?  Will OLCDS 2.2 run with a 2.4 license (and updated instrument drivers and whatever else)?

The main point to the test system, by the way, is to figure out how to keep the production system up until the moment of switchover.