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Mandatory field : Date

Question asked by chesstu on Feb 19, 2020
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Hello all

We're developping a new workflow at work where we will ask the plant operators to add the Date and Time of their sampling.

The way we work is that we have like 50 sequences of 1 line already made for the plant operator for every sample they need to inject. The operator just have to load the sequence, put the vial in the appropriate position, writing the Date and Time of the sampling, giving a result name and the press Run.


We put a Mandatory Field in the project for the Date and Time.

BUT, when we pull a sequence, there's already something written in the Date and Time mandatory field. It's like if the software remembers the last Date and Time written there for the last sample.


We wanted to put this field as Mandatory for the plant operators to be obligated to write the right Date and Time of sampling.

But, if there's already a Date and Time there, the operators won't think of changing it, and then our report will show the wrong sampling date and we can'T link the results to the right sample.


We thought that putting a Mandatory field would have made them absolutely write something, but what we see is that there can be a Date and Time already in the mandatory field when we pull a sequence.


I hope I'm clear enough with my explanations !


Is there a way for the project's mandatory field Date and Time to be Blank when we pull a sequence? (and be shown in red to attract the operator's eye)


Thanks for your help as always