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Issues opening Open Lab ChemStation with different user log-ins

Question asked by aline.castilla-vitkovsky on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by aline.castilla-vitkovsky

Hello Agilent Community


I installed Open Lab ChemStation using the disks that I had from a previous installation from another department and used it until i was able to purchase the licenses. Unfortunately,  the computer did not have the approved name dictated by the company guidelines. Therefore I had to uninstall the software, change the name of the computer and re-install Open Lab ChemStation and since the licenses arrived, I registered them. We did everything under the administrator log in. I was able to configure both instruments (two 6850) and launch OpenLab. Now when I use the regular user log in the computer is not communicating with either instrument and OpenLab cannot be launched. It just opens the Chemstation window and stalls there.  I can check and edit the configuration for each instrument and ping both of them. It indicates that they are not connected. I switch back to the administrator login and I have no problems launching it. My IS department and are lost are to why this is happening. Why would the software work with one user and not the other? Prior to the name change I was able to open the software regardless of the user log in.


Please advice. 


Thank you