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Exporting data from Openlab CDS to LIMS (Sample Manager 12)

Question asked by jenileehaddon on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by jenileehaddon

We are currently in transiton from Openlab Ezchrom to Openlab CDS. While using Openlab Ezchrom, my predecessor was using advanced reports to export data to LIMS. In advanced reports, there would be excel functions DATA start to DATA end of all the compounds and concentrations. LIMS woud look for LIMS tag as description and import data. See attached photos for clarification.


Now in Openlab CDS, I have reports set up to transfer to the LIMS server but LIMS will not recognize the values and transfer. I have tried csv and plain text reports but I am not use where to add the LIMS tag to the report export. Is there something I should be changing in Openlab CDS or look at LIMS? How do most of you export your data to LIMS?