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Autostart Macro Failed, error# 41064 occured

Question asked by topsoe-lak on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by ryoboyle

Hello Agilent and others,


Does anyone have a solution to this error code? When booting Chemstation software, this fault window comes up:

"Autostart Macro Failed, error# 41064 occured".


I am using Chemstation Rev. C.01.05 on Windows 7 and want to upgrade to revision C.01.07 {27]. The instrument model is G3440A - 7890A, firmware A.01.16 and G4513A liquid sampler.

Before the upgrade, Chemstation C.01.05 was running without trouble for a couple of years. Logged in as an adminstrator for the upgrade, I did the system checkout before initializing the upgrade. The upgrade sequence was runnnig without any trouble, green lights only.


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