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Just recently, on two different instruments, when we go to Analyze - Replace Calibration - for the CC, it updates the CC level, but DELETES one of the cal levels from every compound. It never did this before, and now we can't get it to not do it. Any help

Question asked by tlull11388 on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by tlull11388

We open and apply our latest .M file. Then when we try Analyze->Replace Calibration->All cmpds / CC level only, it does that update but drops a cal level from every compound. It is doing this on two different instruments. We've tried rebatching, running the CC from a brand new sequence, applying a method from a batch file where updating the CC does NOT cause a cal point to drop. We've gotten around it by Add Calibration->CC and then going into "Edit" Method and deleting the previous CC level line from EVERY compound... It never used to do this, and it its (thankfully) not doing it still on our Volatiles method with the twice the compounds!

We're not sure if something got corrupted or some setting got turned on inadvertently, or if there's some hidden column somewhere telling it to do that?! 

Simply confused!