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How do I import tune parameters from a previous day done in solution into my laser ablation batch?

Question asked by claudia871130 on Jan 16, 2020
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A "little" introduction first:

I am performing LA-ICP-MS using our 7800 Agilent ICP-MS with MassHunter 4.4 software. Our lab does solution and laser ablation alternatively. Currently, I start my method with the solution set-up (spray chamber, nebulizer, and peri pump connected with the autosampler ON). I perform the automatic plasma startup (warmup, torch axis, resolution check, tuning, and daily performance report). I then open an LA batch I previously created and perform an Auto Tune (lenses, etc.) still using solution; I do this from the batch Tune tab. After this I turn the nebulizer flow to zero (click Send to ICP-MS), turn plasma off, disconnect all the solution sample introduction parts (spray chamber, nebulizer, autosampler is turned OFF) and connect the laser tubing and makeup gas tubing (we mix helium from the laser with makeup argon). Before turning the plasma back on I purge the cell with the makeup gas and the LA tubing with Helium and change the tuning to User Tune. I then proceed to do a daily check of the laser ablation counts (low, medium and high mass counts, plus oxides and doubly charge check) from inside my batch Tune tab. This is working pretty well for us except but I have some questions, concerns and needs for improvement: 

1. Is there a way to import the tune parameters from a previous run to update my batch tune parameters? If another analyst used the solution setup a day before, I would like to import their tune report so do not need to do all the previous steps described before and I can just start from the laser ablation setup part.

2. Assuming there is a way to import previous tune parameters and I am able to start the day with laser ablation, can I still perform the torch axis? Is it required if it was done the day before?

3. Do I need to do the start-up sequence every single day, or can I just do the warm up and proceed to laser ablation analysis?

Thank you very much in advance!