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“Set ReplicationSource error”?

Question asked by sarahnaturalmed on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by ryoboyle

Hey all,


We purchased an Agilent Infinity II LC a while ago and had agilent team members on site to complete all of the software/hardware set up and IQOQ qualifications.  It’s been a few months since then (we are a small facility and had to set up our lab space further before being comfortable starting to really use the LC).  

We are nearly ready to be operational, but I seem to be having issues logging into OpenLab.  I can log into control panel no problem, but when I open OpenLab, a window pops up requiring entry of the server, username and password, which I enter.   Seems to me that the system won’t let you hit “Register” unless all information is correct.  So, I hit register and another pop up appears, this time listing off all actions that were completed with Success marked beside them, but with one “Error” next to the “Set ReplicationSource”. Says at the bottom that the system needs to be rebooted in order for changes to take effect, and it automatically restarts when you hit okay. Computer restarts, exact same thing happens again. 


Does anyone have any idea what could get me out of this problem?  I’m fairly sure it must be a relatively easy fix as nothing has changed on the computer since the Agilent IT people were here to complete set up, but I can’t seem to figure it out (or even find any relevant information online).


Sorry is this description is vague, I will try to take photos of the pop ups and add them into this post tomorrow when I’m at work.