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My results are not being saved to the designated folder and every so often the results will overwrite the run before it and it's run will say "no signals available!"  How can I re-define the file pathway in the sample info screen?

Question asked by robin on Jan 9, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by robin

I am using Chemstation rev C.01.09(150).  Why would the system overwrite the previous sample and record the current sample as not available?   I have attached a screen shot to help explain what is happening.




 If a reprint the 11:13 sample it will show the 11:44 results and the original 11:13 results are lost.


I have tried changing the file pathway and the first run will save there and the rest will save in the other location, as shown below


Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is there any way to fix this problem?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.