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Manual interpretation of peptide mapping LC-MS/MS (Qualitative)

Question asked by drbjstenton on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by howard_sanford

I would love to be able to manually interpret peptide mapping data, but haven't managed to find a convenient way yet.


Ideally in Qualitative Analysis, I could use the Walk Chromatogram tool to identify a precursor of interest, and then sum together all MS/MS spectra deriving from this precursor ion. This would be really helpful for troubleshooting problems while we develop our peptide mapping methods. Once we've got some good methods, I'll start using the automated data analysis in BioConfirm.

For example: this peak at 642 m/z looks interesting, but one MS/MS scan doesn't give strong enough ion intensity, so sum together all MS/MS scans deriving from 642 m/z --> 0-3000 m/z.


Is there any way to do that without doing an EIC of MS/MS, 642 --> 0-3000, then integrating and extracting the EIC?