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Profinder: problem with time alignment

Question asked by macioszek on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by howard_sanford


I have some issue with Time alignment in Profinder 10.0 (and the same error shows up in Profinder 8.0 as well). I'm working with metabolomics on LC-MS. When I upload all my samples, in the first step I want to make time alignment. I choose the reference sample, so far it seems to be working, because all displayed chromatograms are aligned. However, if I want to move on to MFE or recursive analysis, the results of the alignment cannot be saved, I see an error and I have to close Profinder. What it says is:

'The string input was not in a correct format'

What can be the reason of this error? Is something wrong with my data?