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Format of xls data file

Question asked by tarquinv on Dec 29, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2020 by rustproof

Hi All

I have the output of several thousand organic acid MS procedures and need to import the data into a structured database for further analysis. The files I have available are xls (as attached) and As far as I know these are the output from an AGILENT 5975C & 7890A mass spec.
I was expecting to find data that gives me abundance vs m/z ratio i.e. simple xy values but the xls files have several data points for each compound. 
- Is there documentation available that describes the xls format?

- Is there a software library that allows me to import the files so I don't have to parse the xls files?


BTW there are also a whole bunch of other files such as ini, res and txt files.


Any advice appreciated.