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OpenLAB 2.2:  "cannot quantify [compound x] because [compound y] is not available."

Question asked by tjlene on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by tjlene

I want to determine the amounts of some compounds based on another compound that is safer and more stable.  Call this compound, "Y".  So I have a good working calibration curve for Y and I have determined the relative response factor of X to Y, so that I can use Y's calibration curve for X.  In practice, though, I get a message that X is not quantifiable when Y is absent.  Why should Y need to be present as its calibration curve is in place?  I think I am doing something simple, wrong.  When I attempt to view Y's calibration curve, I am told "Peak not identified" which is true, but somewhere that calibration curve should still exist.

I will restandardize Y in case its calibration curve did not make it (or was removed from) the master method.

External standard on OLCDS 2.2 client-server