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Chemstation macro and Arduino

Question asked by colind on Dec 16, 2019
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Does anyone know how I can use a macro to send data to an arduino (or equivalent) over the serial port?


I have OpenLab CDS running a 1200 and I'd like to send some serial data via a COM port if possible


In the old Macro guide they had  functions like 

RS232Send ”SERIAL”,send$


but I can't find anything similar in the OpenLab macro help. It seems that this uses the RC.Net functions. 


I see functions like OpenDevice which look promising. Along the lines of 


OPENDEVICE "PRINTER" AS #5  ! The filenumber #5 is used to print on the printer. PRINT #5, "This line printed at " + DATE$()  ! This output is stored in a print buffer. CLOSE #5           ! The buffer is printed on the printer.

Could I use this like  OPENDEVICE "COM3" AS #5 ???


Or maybe use _StdOut ? 

I've used python before, but in my mind there's a way to do it from the Agilent macro itself. 


I'm struggling to find examples or references to how to do this .


Any help would be most appreciated .