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getting different elution

Question asked by terramor on Dec 14, 2019
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I have an 1100 HPLC and it is being used for Hemp sample testing.  I have been using it with success for a few months. I ran a Calibration Curve about 3 weeks ago.   Last week we ran about 15 samples of concentrates.  2 tested high in CBG which is unusual considering that the flower previously tested had none. Only CBDA was in Flower.   I ran the Sequence immediately after the 1st run of 15 was finished and the CBG numbers were gone and back to CBD. 


These 2 samples were in position 1 and 2 in tray.   


Note :


The other 13 samples ran again as well and are almost exactly the same results as their 1st run.   


I did not run any blanks. I allowed the 1100 to pump before running samples, but only for about 15 min


Any advice is appreciated.