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.xml viewer for ICPMS MassHunter methods and audit trails

Question asked by ryan_poling on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by ryoboyle

We are using ICP-MS MassHunter 4.5 with OpenLAB ECM.  System parameters, audit trails, and other metadata are upload to ECM as .xml files. Very nice!  However, they are not easy to read. 


For example, the method (AcqMethod.xml) and audit trails (acqbatch.instcntl.audit.xml) upload automatically to ECM. 

Office.xml handler <verb>opens</verb> the <noun>files</noun> without user friendly formatting.  There are other ways to display these files but they rely on the instrument user or require MassHunter.


You can view them with Excel, but that requires the user to retrieve the file from ECM to the workstation, open Excel, Open the data importer, click a few times, resize columns, then finally read the files.  I was hoping for something that wouldn't anger the users.


Question: Is it possible to use an application to view these files with better formatting?  I was imagining something that was either smart enough to display them, or maybe apply templates when opening them.  Ideally it could be set as the default viewer.