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Bad Autotune of 7010B - Due to electronical problems?

Question asked by juliaalthammer on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by sang-min.bae

Dear Community, the Autotune of my 7010B runs quite bad.

The ramp plots (entrance lens, extractor, ion body, ion focus, post extractor) are scraggy. The mass peaks are fronting.

In addition the GC-Runs are not reproducable due to fluctuating intensity even within one run (I multi-injected the same solution of PCB-Mixture and even the TIC-pattern is changing).

There are no failure messages, only once in the autotune report ("Post extractor lens 2 did not respond as expected the lens may be disconnected or the wrong source is installed" - the message did not appear in the last autotunes I did, but the problems are still there). I already checked the cable connections, cleaned the source, changed the filament and changed the lens insulator but nothing worked out.


Thanks for help!