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Calculating recoveries using intelligent reports on Openlab Chemstation

Question asked by rickcopeland648 on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by martin.adams

First a bit of background: I am analyzing PCB’s on Openlab Chem Station (Rev. C.01.10[201])

I have created a couple calibration methods and am trying to design reports. Using the Compound Results and filtering out the other data that disinterests me, I have created a table for my data. So far so good. But we use DCB and TCMX as surrogates to check extraction quality, so I need to calculate percent recoveries for these two compounds. I'm thinking I need to create a custom field for these. I also need to create a custom field for the average value of the five Aroclor peaks I am specifically looking for.

When I drag the Sample Custom Field over to the template and click on the label I get the Visual BASIC code “trim(chose(1,split(first(sample_customfield01), “I”))). I suppose my question is this: How do I get the value portion of the custom field (which I gather is where the actual percent recovery calculation will take place) to refer to the field on the sample results table cell that contains the value of, for example, the TCMX recovery so the calculation can happen? I know absolutely noting about Visual BASIC so this is very confusing to me. But it must be incredibly simple.