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Please help with my Post Run DA Macro

Question asked by shawn_asap on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by charlescakoch

For a long time, I used a WinXP machine with GC Chemstation.  In this application, I ran a post run macro that used DDE, and sent my peaks over to an Excel sheet.  Inside of Excel, a bunch of calculations would be made on the data, the output would be printed by Excel, and then the Excel file would be closed.  


Now I was forced to finally upgrade to a Win10 PC, with Openlab Chemstation edition 1.10.  Now my macro is broken.


Most of the errors I have figured out, but here is the biggest issue I have remaining.  The end of my macro has always been these commands


DDEExecute ExcelChannel, "[ERROR(FALSE)]"
DDEExecute ExcelChannel, "[QUIT()]"
End Macro


Which should have closed Excel without a prompt and without saving.  Now when I perform these lines, I get an error inside of Openlab (along the bottom line of the window right below the line where you can manually type commands such as "Show"


Can someone help me with what new commands I need to use to close excel without saving via DDE.