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Optimization for Na and K on ICP-MS

Question asked by eme091 on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by tmcsweeney

So this is a broad question looking for resources.  I have been tasked with developing a ICP-MS method to test for low levels of Na and K (PQL of 1 ppm each).  I believe the easiest way to obtain these lower levels is to reduce my dilution factor (currently 100 fold) -samples (0.5g) are digested in 5 ml HNO3 then diluted to 50 ml with water.  This is done to decreased the acidity of the solution going through the ICP-MS (I was told a max of 10%).  Other than the prep/sample digestion any resources for element specific optimization? Our ICP-MS is 7800 series, Micro Mist Nebulizer, Model: x-lens, He gas cell (no H2).  Any other information please let me know.