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Problems getting good chromatograpgy on PCB's

Question asked by rickcopeland648 on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by james_jenkins

We recently had a new 7890B installed at our workplace for PCB analysis using congener pattern recognition to identify the particular Aroclor. Previously we used an old 7890A running MSD Chemstation E02.02.1431 and I thought I could just transfer the run parameters (ie: pressure and oven ramping) to the new instrument. However, our standard (a mixture of Aroclor 1016 and Aroclor 1260) is not coming out very well. The 1260 looks fine, but the 1016 looks pretty bad. The peaks are not particularly sharp and are fairly undefined. On the old 7890A the column is a Restek Rxi-5MS with a film thickness of 100 um and the column on the 7890B is the Agilent 19091J-413 that came with the instrument. The film thickness on this column is 0.25 um. I tried playing with the injection volume and the column pressure (we are running on column flow) but it didn't really help with the 1016 peak resolution.

Is any body running PBC's on this instrument that can help?