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cyanate detection on Qtof 6550 iFunnel

Question asked by joonseok on Nov 4, 2019
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I have been trying hard to detect a small molecule called cyanate (m/z 41.9985) in negative mode using QTOF 6550 iFunnel. We are using a hypercarb column using sodium acetate (20 mM, pH 7) in water for Buffer A and acetonitrile for Buffer B, with a general gradient (95%A to 100%B over ~30 min). After several attempts, we found only "zero abundance" upon EIC for the target mass even with an appropriate range setting on method (m/z 25-3200). Is there anyone who can offer us a good suggestion for the detection? I am also attaching tune report file for detailed settings that w have been using. 

We will really appreciate for any inputs and thank you!