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LC 1100 Chemmain.exe-.NET Framework Initialization Error

Question asked by chromrunner on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by ryoboyle

Recently got an older Agilent LC 1100 (B.03.02) (2008) running well when a tragic error happened preventing the software from starting. When starting the software the message reads Chemmain.exe-.NET Framework Initialization Error. Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application..


I have re-installed Net Framework 2.0, Visual C++, yet the software does not start. The software came on the computer only, so I cant reinstall it.


I am not sure what I did or by accident to cause the error. Can I get advice on how to fix the error. I am new to the group as I am new to this instrument.


thanks in advance