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Connectivity Failure with different CDS

Question asked by ecarenzo on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by james_jenkins

I'm looking for a direction in troubleshooting an on-going problem we have with unreliability  and inconsistent connectivity between our Agilent 7697A headspace Autosampler and our Chromeleon CDS software. Frequently, after the Chromeleon software recognizes the headspace and seems to achieve a handshake acknowledgment, the connection will be dropped for no apparent reason. The sequence will continue to run, but headspace is no longer connected to the data acquisition software. At this point, your're probably going to indicate that the issue is with the Chromeleon software and not the Agilent product, and you're probably right. However, I'm hoping that just by pure luck someone else has had this same problem and resolve this connectivity issue. I hoping that perhaps someone can offer a troubleshooting guideline to check. Maybe we have over looked something simple. In addition, if it is a hardware issue is there some component/apparatus that might ensure a secure connection. 

Any advice, other that it's Thermo's problem, would be well received.