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unexpected error and stacked traces

Question asked by misoz on Oct 22, 2019
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Recently I am facing a very odd error. I have linked a processing method to results set in the first place and everything is working just fine. The data are evaluated, the report and data set are saved. However, if I want to review the data after few days later, I am getting the error message as shown in picture below. Could you give an advice what could be behind this strange behavior? I am sure there is not error or any kind of conflict in system suitability as it was working without any problems in the first place.


Recently a colleague of mine has noticed that the data under evaluation are evaluate not only based on the new set of calibration points but also based on the old ones.

I think the colleague of mine as they are working on stability department they are updating the master method every time they have finished with setting up all integration parameter to keep the master method updated for the following stability time point evaluation. However, while the current result set is linking with the method to process it, openlab is actually creating a copy of master method to recent results set and as the master method is already bearing the information about the old calibration data there are also transferred to the new copy of processing method. I would like to ask to confirm or deny these assumptions of mine.

I am using OpenLAB sotware version 2.3 (Build