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Quantitation method step of APEO's in Textile Samples by 6470A LC/MS/MS.

Question asked by shahzad on Oct 20, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by howard_sanford

Hi Team.


I am using 1260 prime with 6470A LC/MS/MS for the determination of  NPEO and OPEO in textile samples, I need some help regarding the quantification of APEO’s (NPEO  2-18+ OPEO 2-16).

I prepared the calibration curve of individual isomer of each NPEO and OPEO using mass hunter 10.0 quantitation software.


But I have below concern.


1-For APEO concentration calculation, I need compound group analysis which mean APEO = NEPO’s (2-18) + OPEO (2-16).

2-Weight fraction calculation and fitting in curve of NPEO’s and OPEO’s in calibration curve.

3- Individual Sum of all NPEO (2-18) and OPEO’s (2-16).


So please share the guideline (Software pictures) step by step for Group amount calculation .


FYI I am following the ISO 18254 and Agilent below method.


Sensitive and Selective Quantitative Analysis of Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates (NPEOs) in Textile Samples by LC/MS/MS

Agilent ASMS 2018 Poster ThP-174