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OpenLab CDS Chemstation changes method settings

Question asked by vadfs1 on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by ryoboyle

Does anyone else have issues with OpenLab CDS Chemstation randomly changing method settings?  I've run into this problem several times and I'm not sure what's making it happen, but it is quite problematic.  We run a 2 column instrument which uses 2 separate inlets and 2 separate detectors.  Until yesterday, we only had 1 autosampler tower that we moved between the two inlets.  We now have 2 towers, but I noticed this issue again while updating the methods yesterday with both towers installed. 


Issue:  Back column methods (back inlet, back detector specified in the method) are coming up in the online version of software with the Front Detector signal selected.  In the offline version, the selected detector is correct.  Obviously, this is a problem because no signal is actually collected on the back column.    The opposite is happening for front column methods.  Why is this happening?  It seems to be random, in that methods that I ran last week may be switched this week.