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Questions about embedded VB code in a report template

Question asked by redfox1914 on Oct 15, 2019
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I'm working in OpenLab v.2.4 and trying find out to how to do the following (if those can be done at all):

1. How can I pass an Aggregate to a VB function as an argument?
2. How can I call a template variable from VB code?
2a. If I assign a new value to an existing template variable, will it be stored after the function ends?
2b. Can I create a new template variable (or any global variable that could be used in a template field afterwards) from a VB function?
3. How can I refer a template object like table or field from VB code?
4. How can I refer a sequence object like list of samples in a sequence or sample name, etc. from VB code?
5. Can I iterate over Aggregate values and call I call a random item of an Aggregate (i.e. Aggregate[ i ] )?


p.s. I don't consider using custom assemblies, I'm just curious on the limitations of the default reporter.